Sid (neoengel) wrote,

Dragon Con Rooms available for transfer until Friday, June 3, 2011

As fortune has flowed, I have two rooms available for DragonCon that I can get rid of but would prefer to help out friends/acquaintances/locals first.

Rooms will be offered to the other lj comms at a later date.

Any hassles will result in rooms (both) and transfers being canceled outright, I ain't got time to secede ;) I can easily cancel both rooms without penalty until a certain date, previous arrangements fell through and their loss is your gain. ;)

Room 1
Marriott Marquis, yeah from the pASS Key fiasco ...
Check in FRIDAY Sept 2, Check Out Monday
1 King Bed
Con Rate -  3 nights
Cost per night per room (USD) $190.00 ... total $655.50 for 3 nights (includes estimated $28.50/night taxes and fees)

Room 2
Westin Peachtree Plaza 210 Peachtree St.
Check in Thursday Sept 1, Check Out Monday
2 double beds
Con Rate - 4 nights
Cost per night per room (USD) $185 ... total $851.00 for 4 nights (includes estimated $27.75/night taxes and fees)

Please reply by Friday 3 June 2011

email neo dot engel at yahoo dot com

EDIT: Also a friend of mine has a room available at the Hilton for Dcon, will forward your contact information if interested.

EDIT 2: Added further room details.

EDIT 3: changed some minor wording issues.
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