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07 December 2007 @ 04:06 pm
Remember a post I made back in October about an internet pervert who got caught trying to solicit who he thought was a 13 year old girl online?  His infamous archived conversation brought forward the "BRB, Church" meme as well.

The link is dead in that lj post, but this google search brings up a few archives.

Well, Chris Forcand was arrested after trying to pull the same crap, but this time getting caught by the police!  He was armed with a weapon too when he thought he was about to meet a child again.


[ begin lj cut ]

Man trolled the web for girls: Cops
Police seek possible victims after undercover sting

Chris Forcand, 53, faces numerous charges following an investigation by officers in Toronto Police's Child Exploitation Unit. Police allege he trolled the Internet looking for young girls.

His online dating profile says Chris Forcand is a gainfully employed Christian and separated father of two looking for dates with women 18 to 50, but police are alleging he was more interested in much younger females.

"This is a gentleman that has been out in the Internet and he has potential to have reached quite a few potential victims," Toronto Det.-Const. Janelle Blackadar said.

"There's been a lot of complaints and stuff like that put out there. We're obviously interested in finding any victims under the age of 18 who have dealt with this gentleman in person."


Forcand, 53, was arrested Wednesday and charged with two counts of luring a child under the age of 14, attempt to invite sexual touching, attempt exposure, possessing a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed weapon.

Blackadar said the Child Exploitation Unit first received complaints about Forcand a few months ago and then started an undercover operation in which an officer posed as a teenaged girl and allegedly arranged to meet the suspect for sex.

"Basically he was found in possession of a weapon that was concealed on his body at the time of the arrest," Blackadar alleged.

"He was arrested at a meeting location that was prearranged. It was part of the undercover investigation."

Investigators are asking anyone who has had contact with Forcand -- who police said used the e-mail addresses forcandchris@hotmail.com and xxxtorontoman@yahoo. com -- to call police at 416-808-8500 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

But Internet postings suggest that before Forcand was on the police radar, those e-mail addresses had attracted the interest of cyber-vigilantes who seek to out anyone who presents with a sexual interest in children.

A Google search of Forcand's name or his address shows online chats a web poster had with what he believed to be girls as young as 13.

The sexually explicit conversations were then forwarded to Forcand's church and a blog he wrote at praize.com and his name, address and phone number were posted online.

In one conversation on Oct. 14 this year, the poster tells a girl he wants to send her pictures but can't until after he takes his son to church, then later asks for her to send him her underwear in the mail.


" ... My son is here right now and we are going out to church. Can I sho (sic) you later when he is back home?" the posting reads.

"I like young girls like you."

Trolling online for pedophiles and then outing them has become a popular online activity since perverted- justice.com began doing just that in 2004.

But Blackadar says amateur trollers can needlessly complicate cases and make it tougher to bring charges.

"In general, although intentions can be the best, they're not police officers, they're not trained in online luring and online child exploitation investigations. They shouldn't be conducting them," she said. "Unfortunately, a lot of the time they make our job a lot more difficult. They muddy the water and they make the suspect aware of the potential police presence.

"If they have information that there's somebody at risk out there, they should be forwarding that information to the police," Blackadar said.

[ end lj cut ]

Read the article for a brief synopsis of it all, including humiliation and calls to his church he mentioned to the potential victim, the google link contains links to the actual screenshots that were shared.  He was trolled by people who got a hold of his posted address and looked further to even find his workplace.  I'm just glad the police got him before any vigilante justice took place - now he can look forward to some 'cozy' time with Bubba in the Kingston Penn.

I recall calling the police about this back in October after seeing it on Pockyway/4chan and feeling good knowing I wasn't the first to alert them.  However the officer on the phone taking the calls sounded a chuckle when I told her just to go to google and type in his name when I called last October.

Once again, teh power of teh intarwebs, anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks ahead of the rest of the world sometimes :P

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