My Halloween costumes

Well I went as Jayne Cobb Saturday night at Abstract, and got recognized from both the Space channel spot with Adam Baldwin as well as the People of Record article.  What was even waaay cooler was the usual spectacular costumes and efforts people put into them, including an awesome Animal from the Muppets, complete with drums! :D

I was there for a few hours to chat with friends on Monday and went with a whipped together mercenary with Umbrella Corp patches on, since previously saw people as characters like The Punisher and Gears of War, thought it would fit well enough ;)

(ATACS camo w/ Coyote Tan loadout, colours slightly off due to camera flash)

Summer still lingers

Thought it was a nice day to go for a walk, I figured I'd go for a 5K stroll to the barbershop, only to find out it is closed until next week, blah!  Other than that it was a beautiful day to get lathered in sweat because I was a dumbass and wore pants and carried a jacket, gah!

Other updates:

» I'm kinda sillier and giddier lately, kinda hard to quantify the origin of it, I'll just blame barwitch. ;)

» Having too much fun with my Uniden HomePatrol scanner, and when I mention it here I know I won't get spambots or fake accounts following me on the twitter account - though  pick up russian spammers on lj every so often.  But anyway this is a neat little device that those new to scanning will love too.

» drawbacks of diesel truck engines, when 1 battery needs to be replaced, both need to go - there went $300+ ... BOOOoooo :P Never though of myself of a truck person, but it's way too practical and the thing is like a fighter tank made of biceps, so I feel quite safe inside ;)

» Disappointed in the last election, not being political here or spouting off about any side.  My concern is the display of apathy with the lowest voter turnout ever.  I can understand people feeling detached, disenfranchised or otherwise disgusted with the process or the people or parties to vote for - the best way to deal with that would be to show up, be counted and refuse the ballot. 

» Met up last week with my old convention pal Miko, interesting chats all around, especially constuff.  Told me their local long-running con crashed and burned shortly after they cancelled the masquerade costuming event... I missed out on the open meeting because I was acting at the medieval faire but here's hoping tcon changed its mind after the postcon panel where it was admitted they were looking into cancelling that event...

... for everything else there's my twitter account... it's waaaay to easier to update and it makes ADD AOK :P

Oh eljay how I neglect thee...

I do read it but barely get around to posting, dang :P

Updates (also see twitter):

- DCON was awesome, still need to edit photos/vids and upload them

- Still moderately busy as work

- Still loving life

- My place is a disorganized mess, doesn't help that I keep finding cool tshirts cheap :P

Otherwise status quo more or less, no major wow or fraked up news so it's all good :)